Exstream Portable Water Filters

Extreme Personal Water Purification Systems eliminate pathogenic cysts, bacteria and viruses from untreated water. Exstream is a purification system, not just a filter. No filter in the world is small enough to remove viruses, such as Poliovirus type 1 and Rotavirus Strain SA-11. They are a fraction of the size of even the smallest bacteria and they are responsible for some of the worst diseases.

The Exstream Orinoco is a convenient alternative to pump-style purifiers. No hassle over unpacking, assembling, pumping and separate containers; you just scoop or fill up the water with your bottle.

The Exstream Mackenzie employs the same purification method as the Orinoco. Just like the "Ori", there are no hassle over unpacking, assembling, pumping and separate containers, you just scoop or fill up your bottle with any fresh water source available.

Both bottles come with the 3 component ViruStat water purification cartridge that attaches to the inside of the cap. Each cartridge removes over 99.9% of waterborne cysts and protozoa like Giardia and Cryptosporidium. It also kills over 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.99% of waterborne viruses, as determined under the U.S. EPA microbial water purification protocol.

Exstream is the safest choice for a water-bottle system. Small and ultralight they are easy to use and are the only water purification system registered with the EPA to eliminate even the smallest viruses.

Allergy Alert: The main purifying agent is Iodine. 

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