Sprite Shower Filters - Hose Filter

The Sprite Shower Hose Filter is an economical filter that attaches directly to any hand-held showerhead and features an exclusive filtration media called Chlorgon® that effectively removes both free and combined chlorine – the most harmful and plentiful pollutants you will encounter while bathing.

For added comfort and convenience, this water filtration product also reduces the amount of hydrogen sulfide (which causes the rotten egg smell), iron oxides (which causes rust water), dirt, sediment and odors present in your shower water.

The Shower Hose Filter's stylish design makes this filter compatible with all models. The brass swivel ball allows the filter to adjust to any angle.

The Sprite Shower Hose Filter features a reversible replaceable filter with a lifespan of 3 months. In addition, they are all supported by a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty or a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty. 

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