PUR Water Filter Pitchers

These Water Pitchers feature an Activated carbon filter that reduces chlorine, sediment, bad taste and odor – leaving you a clean, healthy supply of great tasting water. Easy to use and economical, their convenient, compact design allows them to fit in the sink and refrigerator for easy filling and storing, while their filter provides 40 gallons or about two months worth of purified water.

With three distinct Water Pitchers available, we are sure to have one that fits your needs. Our largest capacity pitcher, the PUR Ultimate Pitcher holds up to ten cups and is ideal for big families or when hosting a dinner party. The PuR Ultimate Dispenser, with its special weight-distributing fill tray and dual handles, is easy to fill and carry. Finally, the popular PuR Advantage Pitcher, featuring a space-saving design, is the perfect pitcher for apartment living or personal office use.

All these Water Pitchers offer great value and convenience. Their filters, which install in minutes and without the use of tools, provide quality water for less cost per gallon than bottled water. 

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