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Float Switch Kits

Pump Up switches are used to fill your water storage tank from your well and are normally closed. Pump Down switches are used to pump water out of your water storage tank and are normally open. 

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D/W H L MFG Product
Retail Price Your Price
Float Switch Kits & Parts 0861-010 $156.00 $109.20
Float Switch Kit: Pump Up @110V 30' Cord 0861-025 $165.92 $116.14
Float Switch Kits & Parts 0861-026 $165.92 $116.14
Float Switch Kit: Pump Down - @110V 30' Cord 0861-030 $165.92 $116.14
Float Switch Kit: Pump Down - Max 1HP@230V 30' Cord 0861-031 $165.92 $116.14
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