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Tank Alert® Control Alarm System

When it comes to septic alarm systems, American Tank Company offers both the Tank Alert® XT Alarm System and the Tank Alert® 4x Alarm System.  The XT Alarm System monitors liquid levels in lift pump chambers, sump pump basins, holding tanks, sewage, agricultural, and other non-potable water applications.  The Tank Alert® XT indoor/outdoor alarm can serve as a high or low level alarm depending on the float switch model used.  The alarm sounds and the red beacon illuminates when the potentially threatening liquid level condition occurs. The Tank Alert® 4X Alarm System matches the NEMA 4X standards and offers a stainless steel alarm horn.  

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D/W H L MFG Product
Retail Price Your Price
Tank Alert 4X Hi-Level Alarm System: Nema 4X 0860-015 $299.60 $269.64
Tank Alert 4X Lo-Level Alarm System:- Nema 4X 0860-020 $299.60 $269.64
Tank Alert XT Hi-Level Alarm System - Meets 3R Std 0860-025 $189.07 $170.16
Tank Alert XT Lo-Level Alarm System - Meets 3R Std 0860-030 $178.21 $160.39
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