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Marlow Series Prime Line

The Prime Line is ideally suited for suction lift applications, by our patented diffuser priming design with trimmable diameter impellers to provide the highest ef? ciencies available in the industry. Not only are the ef?ciencies higher initially, but they stay that way longer because of the reduced wear characteristics inherent in the Prime Line’s diffuser design. Trimming impellers to operate at your design point mean lower horsepower required which translates into lower energy costs.Prime Line self priming pumps are available in Cast Iron construction. Prime Line is offered in frame mounted (2" to 6") and close coupled (up to 4") models.

Typical Applications:

  • Irrigation
  • Light Industrial
  • Municipal Water Transfer
  • Sump Evacuation

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  • Sizes 2" through 6"
  • Capacities to 2,200 GPM
  • Heads to 250 feet
  • Temperature to 200º F (94º C)
  • Suction Lifts to 25 feet
  • Solids Handling to 1"
  • Cast Iron impellers and diffusers

Performance Features:

  • Rugged Construction: Robust design for dependable, long service life.
  • Maintenance Friendly: Back pull-out design, positive seating elastomer check valve, cartridge bearing frame, and many more product features minimize downtime.
  • Superior Priming and Re-priming: Self priming pumps are designed to provide unparalleled priming performance. Trimmed impeller hydraulics are matched to anticipated suction lifts to insure an acceptable dry suction leg prime time along with optimum pumping ef?ciency.
  • Ef?cient Operation: High ef?ciency, trimmable impeller designs provide the ability to select speci? c operating conditions while reducing power usage and operating costs.
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