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Diaphragm Gas Powered Pumps

The newest addition to Subaru’s line of construction, engine-driven pumps is ideal for pumping abrasives, slurries, viscous products, seawater, re-circulated water, and many other fluids.  The durability of the diaphragm means it can handle sticks, stones, debris, and solids up to specified levels.  The large shock-reducing air chamber decreases the shock on the hoses, and with no moving parts this pump can run dry indefinitely.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight Die-Cast Aluminum Pump Housing
  • Spherodial Graphite Cast-Iron Volute
  • Positive Displacement Type, Hermetically Sealed Compression Chamber
  • Premium Silicon-Carbide Mechanical Seal
  • Steel Tubular Wraparound Frame
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D/W H L MFG Product
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3 inch Gas Diaphragm Pump 17" 20" 26" PTX301D $1,913.00 $1,913.00
Water Ready Emergency Preparedness Ozone Water Treatment