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Spill Containment & Secondary Containment Systems

American Tank Company is proud to introduce the industry leading Zero Ground Disturbance Spill Containment System.  Designed to help prevent accidental leakage from seeping into the soil, these cutting edge Secondary Containment systems are the most cost effective and easy method of Spill Containment on the market today. 

Outdated secondary containment techniques, such as concrete, are quickly losing ground to this modern poly/steel solution that offers a more cost effective, rapid response cleanup in case of a spill or leak of oil, fuel, or chemical.  Many companies are switching to this method because of the significant savings when a spill occurs and in many cases, there is no need to employ vac-trucks afterwards to clean up a spill inside a catch-basin.

American Tank Company has the most cost effective and fully engineered Containment Systems designed to meet any Spill Containment Requirement: 

Engineered Zero Ground Disturbance System

This new, fully engineered system does not require post hole drilling, eliminating the expense of hydrovac or anchor trucks for installation. The Zero Ground Disturbance System is cost effective for installation and maintenance, and more durable than concrete or earthen containment systems. This system is the clear choice for short and long term value, particularly when space is a concern.

Free Standing Round System

The free standing round system is perfect for applications where space is not restricted and can be built up to a maximum of 72' feet in diameter, any larger diameter will require pads and braces.

Heavy Duty Posted System

The heavy duty posted system provides additional security for areas prone to high wind or external flooding. This system requires a hydrovac or anchor truck on site during installation. A ground survey is required prior to installation for detection of underground cables, lines, etc. Reinforced concrete may be required to stabilize posting.


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